Thursday, August 02, 2007

Flytrap - Episode 3

New comic, new illustrations, new sketches!

The first order of business is: Flytrap - Episode Three: Over the Wall, a new comic written by Sara Ryan. This one takes us back to Bishop's past, in which we find out about the origin of his first tattoo.

I have been experimenting a lot with cartoon and caricature. Check out a bunch of new drawings in the Illustration and Sketch galleries!

On another note, I have just come back from San Diego Comic Convention, and I had a great time. I spent most of my time at Artist Alley, with my studio mates from Periscope Studio. Along with the third Flytrap we were selling, Sara also had two other brand new minicomics out on the table, by Cat Ellis, and Dylan Meconis. All three did quite successfully.

Time not spent at Artist Alley was either spent just walking around and taking in the rather crazy sights of the convention floor, or with my friends at Viper Comics. The trade paperback of the comic I did for them, A Dummy's Guide to Danger, was debuted at the convention, and they sold out of all the copies they brought. Ask your local comic shop to order it, or order it directly from the Viper website.