Saturday, March 10, 2007


New comics added! Check out the Comics Gallery to see Flytrap: Episode Two, written by Sara Ryan. Also, you can check out a set of samples that I did for Oni Comics.

I just attended the New York Comic Con a bit ago, and visited my friend Sean Kelley (go check out his webcomic, Negative Space!). Definitely good times experiencing NY. While there I was contacted my my friends at the CG studio Pendulum, and they asked me to come down to San Diego immediately for some more storyboarding work, so after returning to Portland for only one day, I flew out again to San Diego. It'll be a while before they're out, but I've been working on storyboards for cinemas that'll be in a new WWE game, as well as Dark Sector. If you haven't heard of Dark Sector, you should go find out more about it at their website. It looks sweet!

Here's a picture I drew of the main character, Hayden:

Also Updated: An illustration of Alucard and Richter, from the game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: